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Ed Coan 12 week plan query

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  • Ed Coan 12 week plan query

    Hi folks, have any of you used a periodised program like this 12week one (allegedly) from Ed Coan?
    I like the graduation from higher to lower reps and the prospect of a 10% increase (at least for beginner or early intermediate) is obviously attractive.
    Personally, I would anticipate doing squats x2 per week, bench 2-3 times, and deadlift just once. I think Ed probably did all three just once with a load of accessory work.

    any experience with this kind of approach would be appreciated, although I am aware this forum may be more replete with RPE/auto regulated trainees.

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    Is it really even a program? Two sets a week? Whatever exercises you want?

    If you want a more fleshed out program that has the same basic structure but over a longer time cycle you might look at the JTS program. It's got a very long time frame though, I think it's 4 weeks for each rep range.