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Adding extra isolation work in Powerbuilding template I and II

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  • Adding extra isolation work in Powerbuilding template I and II

    Hello guys,

    ive been running high volume programs (nsuns, sheiko..)for along time and i feel like im a better responder to high volume (i never tried moderate volume programs before and never tried the volume given in the bbm templates)
    so I have couple of questions, im sorry if they are dumb, and also sorry if it hard for u to understand, im not really good at english.

    1. Can I add isolation excersies as gpp work for the chest and rear/laterl delts and for calves and for the quads and hamstrings since there is no any direct work for lateral/rear delts and also calves.

    2. can i do more than one exercise for the upper back gpp work? lets say for example pullups and then go immediately do the lat pulldown machine.

    3. in the template it say do rpe 6, but in the calculator tab there is no rpe 6 but only 6.5 so what should i do?

    4. in the last week of powerbuilding I, it say -5% of 6 reps @ rpe 9, it also say that more than once but with another percentage, i have no idea what that means, is there a forum where i can find the explanation to it?

    thanks for reading, excuses again for bad english!
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    1. I think they will advise you not to, but if you have the recovery capacity why not? I prefer the way Greg Nuckols handles GPP ("accessories" as he calls them). Namely, do what you want and think you can handle.

    2. Same answer.

    3. There is a fuller RPE chart you can consult but the % difference of one RPE point is always the same so you can calculate any unknown RPE from any known RPE.

    However RPE 6 is best worked up on the spot as the culmination of your warmups. That will be more accurate.

    4. Not sure if you transcribed it correctly but it sounds like work up [email protected], then reduce the weight by 5%. This is a common formula for backoff sets for upper body lifts.


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