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  • Deadlift form check

    This was a PR lift for me, I called this an RPE 8 to 8.5 single at 300 pounds. Never had a formcheck before, just been watching Alan and Austins videos, thought it could be helpful to ask.

    ​​​​​​​Thanks in advance

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    IMO your hips start high which causes your low back to be slightly rounded, but it's hard to tell because of your shirt. It almost looks like you're doing a stiff-legged deadlift as you have a very horizontal initial back angle. I would recommend setting up with your shins further from the bar so that you can bend the knees forward more at the start position, which will also cause your hips to start from a lower position.

    My max deadlift ever was only 50 pounds more than yours so take from this what you will.


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      You’re starting with the bar slightly forward of mid foot. You can tell this is the case, because as you break the bar off the ground, your back unlocks a bit, and this is allowing the bar to swing back a little towards your shins, putting the weight over your foot where it wants to be. Bringing your shins closer to the bar during your setup and squeezing tight are the corrections I would make. Your pull looks great otherwise
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        Set back harder. If you can't- Id reduce weight. I also agree with the above post- lower hips slightly. I have the opposite problem you do as my hips are actually too low during the pull. Overall its not bad at all.