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  • Form Check squat

    [email protected]

    195lbs BW

    I know what I’m working on in my next block just wanted to see if other people are seeing what I am seeing. Opinions?

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    That looks great to me. I'll leave it to others to really analyze your squat mechanics at more of a micro-level but I think you really rated RPE accurately on that set.


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      Thank you! I’m in a weird phase right now where I’m running a strength block and still in reduced caloric intake. I’m also at that weird in between notch on my belt where one is way to tight and the other is loose.

      My idea for my next developmental block is to run some pin squats as an supplemental right now I’m running SSBs as a supplemental. Which to me criticizing myself is probably why I’m able to force myself up.

      im thinking an above parallel pin squat, overloading it a bit. That’s just my thoughts though, I’m open to more.