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Powerbuilding 1 Template upper back question

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  • Powerbuilding 1 Template upper back question

    Greetings all,
    I completed day 1 week 1 yesterday of Powerbuilding 1 and I'm questioning the GPP upper back days. If D2W1 says I'm doing a myo rep of rows, what upper back alternatives do I have for the following D3W1 and D5W1 GPP exercises since I don't have access to a pull up bar? Am I just supposed to do 7min amrap rows? With D2 myo rows, D3 GPP rows, D4 Deadlifts, and D5 GPP rows am I about to demolish my back? Would love some suggestions. In the meantime I may HAVE to find a pullup bar for home. Thanks!

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    Face pulls could be a good option if you have access to bands. I'd also really recommend getting a pull up bar to inject a little variety as I'd just be more concerned about getting bored than anything. That being said, I don't really think a bunch of GPP rowing volume will negatively impact your main lifts.


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      Thanks. I've always used face-pulls for rear delt, never thought about them as a back workout. I suppose the rules of myo and gpp should prevent me from rowing myself to death