Hi, everyone! I'm just wondering if anyone has any input on choosing between the Eleiko competition bar vs. chrome "performance" bar. I'm in a position where I'm going to receive one of these two bars as a gift (so 2020 doesn't totally suck I guess). This would be for my garage gym.

I know that the competition bar is bare steel, so oxidation could be an issue since we do live in an area that is fairly humid during the summer. Our gym is not air-conditioned, but the walls are insulated, and we run a dehumidifier when we're training (which, with five people in my house training at different times, means a dehumidifier is running during a bunch of hours most days).

I would appreciate any input on these two bars, but my specific questions would be:
  1. For anyone that owns the competition bar, or any other bare steel barbell, how much maintenance do you have to do on it? Do you prefer the grip to a chrome or stainless steel bar?
  2. Has anyone here used the Eleiko performance bar? If so, what did you think of it--particularly the knurling?
I currently have the Rogue OPB (stainless steel) and the Kabuki power bar. I have found that I greatly prefer the grip on the Rogue OPB, so I've been using that exclusively.

I previously used the Eleiko competition bar at a powerlifting gym I trained at. That was my favorite of all their bars in terms of knurling, so I used it whenever I could.

I would appreciate any information anybody can provide. Thanks, everyone!!