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    I've been following a BBM template for a while now and while my squat and deadlift are moving up, my bench is not. My squat is now over double my bench (155kg vs 72.5kg) and not sure how to progress with it

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    Sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately there is essentially no information provided in your post that could be used to guide specific recommendations. Things like height/weight, training history, specifics of current programming, level of consistency, technical execution, and many other factors are relevant in approaching these sorts of questions. However, I would add that this is the sort of thing that people pursue individualized consultation for, whereas this forum is generally more for simpler questions. The rest of the community may be of assistance to you here, or you could try posting to our FB group and get some help there as well.
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      Are you confident that you are hitting the RPE correctly. If you are too focused on the bench maybe you are cheating and taking every set very close to failure and that is resulting in overtraining. Or maybe you going the other way and you think you are doing RPE 8 when you really have 4 reps left in the tank and are undertraining. Or perhaps you have RPE correct and just need to adjust the volume up or down slightly.

      Whatever changes you make I would make small changes, do them for maybe two weeks, and if you don't get results, then make more changes. Be patient.