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OHP declining on Bridge 1.0

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  • OHP declining on Bridge 1.0

    I'm about halfway through the bridge 1.0 and I've noticed that my OHP numbers are declining. I guess that's bound to happen if I only press once a week. I wanted to see if anyone else might have had this experience when running the bridge 1.0 coming off of SSLP or similar.

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    I can't comment on Bridge 1.0, but I'll offer my experience:

    My OHP stalled on SSLP a bit and I eventually made a change to BBM templates for reasons unrelated to OHP. The BBM templates I've been running have put a lot of pressing after bench exercises and/or had press as an AMRAP set with back-offs. It seems as if my OHP is regressing. However, my bench (and 2 variations) are up. I didn't bench on SSNLP. So, if you're like me, it's possible that the programming is intentionally using fatigue to ultimately increase your OHP and/or benching will eventually help.

    Overall, things seem to be working for me, so I will stay the course and not get too caught up in the details of one lift. Your mileage may vary.