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  • Strength Declining

    I'm running the bridge 1.0 right now and I'm wondering if I'm possibly overshooting my RPE. I'm a 181lb 20-year-old male getting a consistent 8 hours of sleep and eating well. Tomorrow will be the start of week 4 but I haven't been able to add any weight to my lifts. Actually, my e1RMs have slightly regressed. Before starting the bridge I ran SSLP (probably for too long).

    e1RMs after SSLP:
    Squat: 360
    Bench: 205
    OHP: 155
    Bodyweight: 180lb

    Current e1RMs (Start of week 4):
    Squat: 345
    Bench: 197
    OHP: 140
    Bodyweight: 181.5lb

    (haven't trained deadlift for while so just starting that back with this program)

    Just by looking at my numbers, I think it's pretty obvious I'm not doing something right. That being said, I feel like I haven't deviated from the prescribed rpe THAT badly. Maybe grinding out SSLP has given me a false sense of how intense my sets really are. Besides looking at my e1RMs going down, how else can I determine if accumulating too much fatigue? It's not like I feel terrible during the day or anything.

    Any advice/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Edit: just finished day 1 of week 4 and my lifts have continued to decline :/