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Increasing LP v/s Declining weight

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  • Increasing LP v/s Declining weight

    I started lifting about two years ago with no real direction other than the desire to lose weight and get stronger. I started off at 307lbs and I've lost about 40lbs. I found SS, and through them BBM about two months ago. I decided to try the Novice LP because I really had no idea how to increase weight on the bar or what a 10 RPE felt like. I never really pushed myself past what my brain told me was a 10 RPE. Things are progressing but I'm starting to hit a wall on my deadlift (335lb) and squat (257lb). I'm eating 1700 calories/day for weight loss. Should I increase my calories or give up on increasing lifts until my waist is below 35"? Or should I change programs all together?

    Height -6'
    weight -264 lb
    waist -46"
    age -50

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    Change programs. The Bridge is a BBM program meant to follow up NLP and familiarize people with BBM programming concepts such as RPE. Free version:


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      Congrats on the starting the journey. 40 lbs is no joke.

      I agree 100% with 413x. There's no reason you still can't continue to progress on your squat/deadlift as you continue to lose weight and the bridge is a great program to transition to after stalling LP.


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        You're off to a great start! Keep going and don't give up!


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          I would continue to focus on weight loss for a little bit longer. When you get a lot of momentum on weight loss I feel like you should run with it. As somebody who has been overweight myself I know how much of a factor momentum is weight loss.