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Squat Bar vs Power Bar Differences

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  • Squat Bar vs Power Bar Differences

    Hello there everyone. I recently starting working in some work with a squat bar since I'm doing a limited slot meet for USPA that wound out being scheduled at my gym near the time I was already going to peak. I've never really touched a squat bar before; the amount of weight I move really isn't enough to warrant using it for the increased stiffness. I've noticed it sits differently on my back (not to mention that knurling is something else, I haven't had a raw back from squatting in years) vs a power bar due to the increased diameter. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with squatting with both and has found the same issue of it not 'fitting' on your rear delt shelf the same as the power bar and honestly there's been a few times I've felt like it caused the bar to be to high and almost roll forward near the bottom of the squat. I've been playing with hand position a little, but I'm wondering if a larger adjustment is necessary.

    Has anyone used both bar and found a large change in hand placement was necessary to create better shelf for the larger squat bar? Or perhaps just placing it lower on the back that normal?
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