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Deadlift form check and advice on missing reps as bar rolls off

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  • Deadlift form check and advice on missing reps as bar rolls off

    Hi everyone,

    I would like a form check, please, and some advice on why I am missing my 4th and 5th reps.

    Some problems:
    (1) My lower back starts to round somewhere from the 3rd/4th rep; quite visible in Set 2.

    (2) I definitely missed my 4th and 5th rep in Set 2; possibly even the 3rd rep. I couldn't get a decent lockout, because it felt like the bar was going to fall off from my hands (and it did in the 5th rep - Set 2). I did not feel the weight was too much to lift, just that I couldn't hold on to it long enough to get a proper lockout. My head was pointing up in my 5th rep of Set 2.

    I had about a two week gap between my workout sessions for some unavoidable reasons. Last I did DLs was on Sept 24 (225 lbs x 5 reps x 2 sets). This was on Oct 10 (235 lbs x 5 reps x 2 sets). I don't know if the gap contributed to the weakness or something. This is embarrassing and disappointing. 235 lbs is a warm up set for many of you. And it shouldn't be this hard. It was very frustrating, I didn't feel like doing any other exercises. I kept doing DLs by lowering the weight, and still had trouble holding on to the bar. I was thinking I would get to 315 lbs by end of December; and now I can't finish my 235 lbs.

    And I weigh 200 lbs.

    Set 1: 235 lbs x 5 reps - back angle

    New video - YouTube

    Set 2: 235 lbs x 5 reps (missed reps) - front angle

    New video1 - YouTube

    Any advice? Should I do 235 lbs for a few more sessions?

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    What grip are you using, from the videos it looks like it might be double overhand, but I can't tell. Also, are you using chalk? I take it your plan is to DL 2 sets of 5 once per week. I would definitely DL at least 1x week. The volume seems low IMO, I'd do at least 15 reps at 70%+ each week. Also I wouldn't predetermine your loads, it is reasonable to go into you sessions with an expected load, but then you should autoregulate based on your warmups in order to hit a predetermined RPE.

    I used to have grip issues (and grip is still on the brink of being a limiting factor) and one thing that helps me is doing static holds. The way I usually program this is to hold on to the last rep of my last set in a session for a given amount of time (normally a 5ct-15ct). Once my grip was a little stronger I found that overload work really boosted my confidence in my grip.

    Are you competing in powerlifting (or planning to compete)? If not you could just DL with straps.


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      HI 413x, yes, double overhand. I am not using chalk, actually I never used them and there aren't any in my gym. I will bring some with me like damacl6 said. I doing DLs twice a week. One day I do 2 sets and the other day I do 1 set. So This way I can keep the total reps at 15 at minimum.

      I can't do DLs on more days because I have to do Squats. I can't do them both on the same day due to time restrictions of the workout sessions. The sessions are 60 min each, and no person is allowed to spend more than 30 min in each designated workout zone. So I can only stay in the rack/platform for 30 min, which is only enough for either Squats or DLs. I don't know if that is usual or not, but for some reason it takes me 30 min to get my Squats or DLs including warmup sets. The rest 30 min I do Bench/OHP and some other 5-10 min exercises.

      I am a beginner, just started my 3rd month with barbell training. I still haven't learnt about RPE. I will definitely read on it. And I will definitely try the static holds. I am not competing in powerlifting, I can barely lift 235 lbs. It would be nice if I could lift without any straps at least until I get to 315.

      Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it. Will study RPE.

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    I bought a $3 bar of chalk from Amazon and it has made an enormous difference. I workout at home though. That may not be an option if you are in a commercial gym.


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      Thank you damacl6, I will give them a try.

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    Chalk and mixed grip is definitely the way to go IMO, those two changes will probably make a huge difference and are very easy to implement.


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      I can relate. The sensation of losing or possibly losing the bar would cause me to round, I guess from my focus shifting from bracing to not dropping the bar from a height. I used hook grip for a while, which was fine but as unpleasant as everyone says. Then I started using straps for my last warmup and working sets, and got on with my life. I don't compete. My grip still gets trained with increases in warmup weights.