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  • Deadlift Form Check

    Hi, can you please review my form on the deadlift. Appreciate the help.

    Its 295x5 @ ~rpe9.

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    Form looks pretty good overall.

    Pick a spot in front of you and keep your eyes there. Right now you are checking out the birds towards the end of your rep and there is no reason to crane your neck like that.

    Don't rest for so long between reps. What you just did is 5 singles, not a set of 5. Count to 3 and go again.

    Recommended you use wraps or hook grip and keep a double overhand grip, rather than alternating the hands. You'll end up with some weird muscle imbalances over time (this happened to me).

    Nice job overall.


    • shahriz
      shahriz commented
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      Thanks Sean. I really appreciate it.
      I never though of how much I crane my neck out but now that you mentioned it, it is so obvious.

      Thanks again.

    • Nate B
      Nate B commented
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      Agree that you could probably afford to speed these reps up a bit. Overall, these look solid, though.

      Disagree that you need to use a double overhand grip. Unless you're training for aesthetics and are concerned about achieving maximum symmetry in your muscular development, there's no reason to be worried about potential imbalances from using a mixed grip. The human body is highly resilient and adaptable. Use whichever grip you prefer.

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    Putting up some solid weight. I would also say that you could speed up your reps a little bit. Other then that maybe get some hand grips like these to help you pull more weight? or even chalk?