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Trying to understand Fatigue Management

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  • JMF123
    Something like the option number two. Use RPE to regulate the training load, stop worrying about the training weights and optimal recovery. Barbell Medicine beginner template would be a good fit here.

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  • SewerRat
    started a topic Trying to understand Fatigue Management

    Trying to understand Fatigue Management

    Hello BBM Forums,

    Some context, I am a 20M, 150lbs, 5'5" lifter looking for some advice or ease of mind regarding my minor dilemma here.
    Due to human malware, I wasn't able to go back to work until recently, this allowed me to optimize recovery and training to the best possible scenario.
    When I did go back to work, the only time I could go to the gym was after my shift, meaning I was going to be more fatigued for my workout that day. The issue though is just how all my previous working weights felt impossible and how even dropoffs like 20-50 pounds off the bar they were still very difficult to do. So here are some questions regarding this matter.
    What would be the best course of action to take for this?

    1) Ride it out and let my body recover from the new stress from my work? (I do cashier/receiving work, so about light to medium energy expenditure)
    2) Drop the weights significantly and build up again?
    3) Change my programming up (Running Calgary Barbell Free 16 Week Program, on 1st week)