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Better squat without belt

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  • Better squat without belt

    I've been lifting with a belt for about 4 years give or take. I have never felt like I've got anything significant from using it and I suspect this is user error. I can never seem to tell what is too tight or too loose and it seems that I'm not getting any more stable while using it.

    Is there common problems that you know of that could be holding my belt use back? I have read breathe in an push out and also heard breathe in an flex hard like a corset.

    Here's my curve ball. I like the latter method and feel better with it BUT not when I'm wearing a belt. I squat better without the belt.

    For example Monday I did 4x4 at 275 with my belt and today I did 3x4 for 2ct pause at 275.

    And the rpe was substantially easier to swallow on the pauses. Is this just recovery curve or user inability to use my belt?

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    You may not have had it tight enough. You should still be able to get in enough air, but you don't want it to be loose enough to move around.


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      Now when you say tight enough. Am I looking for the type of tightness that makes it difficult but not impossible to get a full breath or should it be easy to get a full breath?