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Squat form check, please!

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  • Squat form check, please!

    Hello all,

    Can I get a feedback on my squat form please?

    I am at 205 lbs right now. I am doing 3 sets of 5 reps. This is set 3. I don't know what really happened on my 5th rep, I felt it failed or something and so I did a 6th rep and that went smoother than the 5th rep. I have noticed this happening sometimes. I can't really explain it, it's like a glitch or something where it feels like all of a sudden everything is falling apart.

    Feedback on the form will be really helpful. Thanks!!

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    Hi there!

    From here it looks like what happens is that your weight shifts onto your toes on the 5th rep which makes the bar go forward as well. When the weight is forward like that it can make it WAY harder to finish the rep. I had problems with this for a long time and sometimes still do. What worked for me is slowing down the descent just slightly by resisting the weight on the way down. This causes me to hit the bottom a bit softer so I don't get jarred out of position and can keep the bar moving in a line over the midfoot balance point.

    Another thing to consider if you are in a position to do so is get a different pair of shoes with less foam in the sole. Running type shoes are designed to absorb impact and kind of roll your foot forward to make running easier. This can make it hard to stay stable and off your toes when lifting. If you can, get a pair of shoes with a hard sole and little to no cushion. Lifting shoes would be best, but they are pricey and can often only be found online which makes it hard to size. Plenty of people use Chuck Taylor's, but skate shoes or any other shoe without the cushion would be a better option than running shoes. If this isn't possible, obviously lifting is better than not lifting and this form point will just be a little harder to avoid.

    Overall you have good form and good depth, and it looks like you have strength to spare. Hope this post helps!


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      Hello A. Nason, thanks very much for the feedback. I will try slowing down the decent and getting a pair of shoes with flat solid sole.