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Deadlift form check, please

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  • Deadlift form check, please

    Hello everyone,

    Can I please get a DL form check please? My lower back keeps rounding immediately right after the weight comes off the floor. It is very frustrating. I have seen all the DL set up and mistakes videos by Alan and Dr. Baraki. I have been doing this for 4 months now and hell I can't get a tight flat back. What should I do? Thanks for taking a look.

    Work set: 1 x 5 r @ 255 lbs (BW=215 lbs)

    Warm up set: 1 x 5 r @ 225 lbs

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    Your back looks fine. There's nothing wrong with your deadlift. You might be a bit more efficient if you keep the bar closer to your shins and drag it up your legs, on your warmups it seems to come forward a bit.


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      Hi ozneil, thanks for doing the form check. Really appreciate the help. The bar rolls forward or backward a bit after bringing it down because the surface has pits and dents all over the place. But I will pay more attention to it so the bar stays as close to my shins as possible when I making the pull. What else can I improve? Thanks.

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    I think it's a great looking deadlift, personally. Not much critique to add.


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      Don't shrug your shoulders at the top of the movement. Let your arms hang (Think about long arms que)
      Also you aren't using your legs off the floor, your shoulders go behind the bar and you are negating the "push" part of the lift (breaking the bar off the floor) you are just pulling it with your back. Think about keeping your shoulders in front of the bar longer than you think is necessary.


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        Your form is good. It looks to me (just my opinion) that the "rounding" you're seeing is just your back going back to a neutral position after you consciously flexed it.