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  • Lifestyle changes and training

    Hey everyone. I’m looking for some help with programming. I am taking a promotion at work which means changing work locations and will be traveling roughly an hour to the new location. Because of the commute it means getting up early and coming home just in time to help with the kids. I currently train 3 times a day but for a bit I was considering doing 2 days a week till things regulated. I was thinking about focusing on Saturday and Sunday or Friday night and Sunday. I was thinking one day could be squat /deadlift and another day could be bench and press. on this template I would focus on one lift to go heavy and one for volume. For example,

    deadlift- volume


    The other option would be squat/bench the other day deadlift/press. On this template I would do heavy since I’ll be able to recover.

    my question is what’s the best option for only being able to work out 2 days a week.

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    They've made the case a few times that training two times per week won't do well, but it's certainly better than doing nothing at all. If I were in your shoes I would do one of two things:
    1. Look into the time crunch template
    2. Switch pressing and deadlifting so you can get away with just a tad more volume in each workout.


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      I know what you mean. Now I work remotely, the gyms are closed, so instead of three workouts I do two at home, plus I try to walk every day. The main thing is not to lose regularity. Good luck to you!


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        Indeed, not so often we can find time for yourself. Especially when you are married and have 3-4 children. Or if you work in the company and your schedule is so huge. If you practice 3 times a day that’s great. I practice 3 times in a week. So, I don’t think that if you’ll do the same then you lose form. Yes, you can focus on Friday and 2 days of weekend. It depends on your schedule. I practice on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This schedule is perfect for me. I practice yoga for many years yet, and I understand that the breath of fire yoga practice is at the base of all yoga poses and techniques. But the question of how many times you can practice in a week is on the second place yet. So, I hope I could help you.
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