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    Just wanted to start a thread for the various color selections for Best Belts. We all love their product, but for those who care, it's hard to imagine what the options on the color board look like. It would be great to have a thread that collects various colors people have and help a new lifter's research easier.

    I recently purchased a Prime Cut in rust color. It's said to be the most popular color, and one of the colors they have a sample picture on the website. However, I don't think the rust in my picture is the same as in theirs. They probably have changed it a little bit because the new color is brighter than the ad and can seem almost orange sometimes. It is different from my expectation but I love it.

    I also own a 3-inch royal blue. It is exactly the same as the website ad and what you would think a royal blue look like. Highly recommend for blondies.

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    I have a "silver" color but it's not silver at all. It's beige at best. And it has been since day one, not because of discoloration.
    Rust looks awesome.


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      Thanks for sharing! This was exactly the reason I started the thread. Would you be able to share a picture? I doubt I would ever need another belt, but for people who are deciding, seeing the picture of the real color might help.

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    Black. Because its slimming.


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      Originally posted by Dave_E View Post
      Black. Because its slimming.
      Just received my black tux belt as well!


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        10 min of searching couldn't find the source post of this image, but I had it on my computer. Pretty sure it's actually a General Leathercraft custom product, but still one of the coolest belts I've ever seen.
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          10mm light gray


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            I have a maroon belt and a black one, both are from best belts, single prong. I also have a 3 inch green best belt that I got for deadlifting only to find I didn't need it.
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              Apologies to the moderators if this thread is better suited for the "Miscellaneous" board. I didn't explore much further when I posted this thread. Feel free to move it anywhere you see fit.


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                Originally posted by leGDE View Post
                I have a "silver" color but it's not silver at all. It's beige at best. And it has been since day one, not because of discoloration.
                Rust looks awesome.
                here's my picture.Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-04-23 16.51.17-1.jpg
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                  best belt in black
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20180530_200639.jpg
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                  and just for fun, my old crappy amazon belt:
                  Click image for larger version

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