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    Hello all,
    Wanted to get some guidance on a cardio and strength balance for training for lean mass.

    Goal is tone over strength and current training program is hitting a plateau.

    Diet is consistent and weight loss is not a concern.

    Concern is if overtraining is a concern/ any input on not overstressing joints (32 years old)

    Currently doing the below training routine 5-6 times a week with running a 10K prior to working out.

    Bench - > Lat pull downs 4x10
    DB fly -> wide grip bb row or deadlift 4x10
    BB incline bench -> bent over row 4x10
    Close grip bench -> DB pullover 4x10

    Clean and press -> BB Curl 4x10
    DB lat -> seated db curl 4x10
    Upright row -> close grip bench 4x10
    Military (or standing) shoulder press -> standing tri extension 4x10

    Back squat 4x10
    Lunges 4x10
    Leg curl 4x10
    Leg extensions 4x10
    Roman deadlift 4x10
    Good mornings 4x10
    Standing calf raise 4x10

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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    Does this symbol -> denote a superset?
    Do you feel like you can't recover and you're accumulating more and more fatigue?

    I'd work some variety into the loading and rep range. I'd also want some form of autoregulation and load progression.

    I think there's some evidence that a lot of cardio immediately before lifting tends to negatively impact the lifting and hypertrophy adaptations. I think it's a mild impact and your adherence is the most important thing. If it makes no difference I'd suggest lifting first and/or spacing the lifting and cardio far apart from each other.


    • rbeckman
      rbeckman commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes the “->” denotes a superset or a circuit but spacing lifting apart more is something I can work on.

      Thank you for the help!