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Lower Body Assistance for Home Gym

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  • Lower Body Assistance for Home Gym

    I currently train in a gym in my basement, with a barbell, a bench, a pull-up bar, and a set of dumbbells; I'm looking for ways to strengthen my lower body's weak points, specifically the gastrocnemius and the biceps femoris. Any brilliant ideas as to how to work these muscles effectively with limited equipment?

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    Well nothing brilliant but;

    Biceps femoris- RDL, good morning, Nordic Hamstring Curl, slider leg curls (you might be able to pull these off without buying anything).
    Gastrocnemius- Standing Barbell calf raises, Standing deficit unilateral calf raises (do these on a step or with your toes on a plate, use one hand to hold on to something so you don't fall and hold a DB with the other hand), Seated calf raises (sit on the bench with a dumbbell on your knee, and maybe a plate under your toes)