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Myo-reps, what RPE

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  • Myo-reps, what RPE

    I've been doing the 7 week hypertrophy 1 template, and doing my best on the myo-reps. I'm happy and killed that they hurt so much! I am trying to do the 5 deep breaths / 20 - 30 second time but it's hard to breath deep vs. hyperventilate like I'm sprinting.

    So question: what RPE should I be doing for the 3-5 sets after the activation set?

    I mean 14-16 at RPE 8, while the reps are high so RPE is weird, I can take a decent stab at it and the suggestions % seem to add up. But I'm DYING on the 3-5 sets and not sure I'm supposed to be. If so, great, it's just turning into a HIIT workout. I am doing RPE 10 to try and get the 5 or as many 5s as I can, but on the fb group I see more discussions saying that 'murdering yourself in the gym is bad.'

    So I don't want to be lazy, but I also don't want to gain less for trying more. Thanks for any info!

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    It sounds like your doing them correctly. The sets of 3-5 aren't supposed to be autoregulated by RPE, you're supposed to try for 5 every set and stop when you only get 3.

    So the question is: should you do myo reps?
    I can't answer this for you, but here is what I think you should consider:
    The conditioning challenge is it's own stimulus, increasing work capacity is valuable. If you stick with them for long enough eventually you probably won't feel like your DYING.
    On the other hand, you could probably get the same hypertrophy stimulus for less fatigue by doing 2-3sets of [email protected] with 2-5min rests (this will take longer).


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      Thanks - actually because I'm doing the Hypertrophy I program and they're listed on there extensively, I'm obligated to do them. I don't have sufficient knowledge to veer from the program.