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(Other) old guys on Beginner Template?

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  • (Other) old guys on Beginner Template?

    I'd be interested in hearing the experiences of other "seniors" (let's say 60 and up) running the Beginner Template.

    Just starting phase 2. Hard work, but making gains.

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    No 60 and up, but almost 50. This is my second time through the first phase, and 1st time through the complete second phase. Still making progress. Have not started phase 3 yet, nor did I the previous time. I stopped training due to COVID changes to the household schedule, getting a puppy, homeschooling, and still working outside the home...I had lifted on/off for years, and had been in sports or athletic most of my life. Hitting 50, and getting close to hitting the magic "retirement account $", really put into focus that I needed to get stronger and healthier to enjoy those years. I look at it much differently this time...I don't have a number goal, either on lifts...or a timetable to hit a weight goal, just that I need to do the work to reap the that has changed...I used to strive to hit numbers, or have a goal to lose 'x' amount of weight by 'y' time...and this time, it's just eat healthier, get in the fiber and protein, stay under a certain calorie level, and get work in...even if I'm not feeling my best. I do know my goals are to get stronger, and have a waist circumference that doesn't add to great morbidity risk, or early mortality risk. How are you doing?


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      Thanks for sharing, Chris.

      I've not lifted much. Played with kettlebells off and on the last few years, did a Starting Strength Novice Linear Progression in 2019, pre-COVID. Made progress, but was pretty ground down (and stalled out) by the end of it.

      Started the Beginner Template on February 1 of this year, just finished 10 weeks of Phase 1 last week. Started Phase 2 this week.

      I was very sore the first couple of weeks of BT, then that resolved. Then was just exhausted the next few weeks, then that resolved. Pretty tired by the end of the phase, and am feeling better during the starting / deload week of Phase 2.

      Have made nice gains so far, and joints are holding up pretty well, but am working on trying to pay more attention to RPE's and my fatigue level -- I have my own business and lots going on -- rather than just trying to improve the numbers.

      And, also like you, am eating well, staying under a certain calorie level. Recently I had my cholesterol checked, and it was the best it's ever been... even though my waist is bigger than optimum.

      (Pausing for breath. Hope this isn't too long.)
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        Thanks for sharing. I’m sure at some point, I may need a concrete goal to help with motivation, so I’m not ruling out a goal, but right now, it’s not needed which is nice. The diet has been the easiest part, as I think I’m moving more than I estimated when getting my daily calorie good problem there. I’m pretty much on the 90/10 plan...clean eating 90%, and eating what I want for 10%...which is really so I won’t be a stick in the mud when being with friends or going for ice cream or something. We have a pretty decent gym in our garage, so there is no excuse to not lift...other than we are in Wisconsin, and it does get down into the mid 20’s in the garage...which the body quickly adapts to...the bars and weights never warm up though


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          Sounds like a great plan, and gym setup.

          i grew up in Saskatchewan and Montana, so I remember the cold winters!
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