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  • Powerbuilding 2 Questions

    So I’ve just completed week 1 of the powerbuilding 2 template. My estimated one rep max has increased slightly in almost all of my lifts. My 1st question is: going forward, do I stick to my original week 1 estimated one rep maxes to determine my percentages/weights? Or do I go off my new estimated one rep max is to determine my percentages/weights?

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    e1RM will be determed by RPE on a day to day basis


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      Thanks for the reply, Jarle.alfheim- I’m sorry I was not more clear on my question. I absolutely agree the the RPE will determine the actual weight, but when I’m using the calculator as an estimate, should I be going off the new estimates from last week, or my estimates from before I started the program? Obviously it’s going to be a small difference, but small changes over time can lead to big changes.


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        Didnt notice the respons so a little late answer

        ​​​​​​I would do one of two things, either you calc your percentage off your first work set /top RPE rep.
        Or you calc based off your last work set/data.. Good luck