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    So I’ve just completed week 1 of the powerbuilding 2 template. My estimated one rep max has increased slightly in almost all of my lifts. My 1st question is: going forward, do I stick to my original week 1 estimated one rep maxes to determine my percentages/weights? Or do I go off my new estimated one rep max is to determine my percentages/weights?

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    e1RM will be determed by RPE on a day to day basis


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      Thanks for the reply, Jarle.alfheim- I’m sorry I was not more clear on my question. I absolutely agree the the RPE will determine the actual weight, but when I’m using the calculator as an estimate, should I be going off the new estimates from last week, or my estimates from before I started the program? Obviously it’s going to be a small difference, but small changes over time can lead to big changes.


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        Didnt notice the respons so a little late answer

        ​​​​​​I would do one of two things, either you calc your percentage off your first work set /top RPE rep.
        Or you calc based off your last work set/data.. Good luck


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          You should be increasing your weight some every week on the big 3. I find 5 pounds usually does this well. 10 seems to be too much and pushes me to RPE 9 the next work out. You want your one rep max to increase each session. So you can either just try to add five pounds and if it is RPE 9 go back down to last week. Judging RPE takes some experience but I find 5lb jumps keep me at RPE 8 from week to week. If the template goes to RPE 9 I will make a goal of adding 5% to my RPE 8 at 5 lbs higher.

          So as an example on day 1 I did 220 on squat for 6 reps X 3 sets at RPE 8. I am going to estimate my RPE 8 should be at a higher weight. So my goal is 5 pounds more. If I feel like 220 is still close to RPE 8 I might pick up the fractional plates and 2.5 lbs maybe 2 pounds or 3 pounds and do 222 or 223 maybe just 220. If 225 feels like RPE 7.5, I will try 230 that is rare though I can 10 lbs more and it be RPE 8. So I have a goal to move up but still kind of do it by feel or RPE.

          So say week 1 squat is
          210 X 6 RPE 7
          220 X 6 RPE 8
          230 X 6 RPE 9

          So week 2 is 6 reps at RPE 6,7,and 8 with an additional set at 8. I will add 5 lbs to my RPE 8 set from last week.
          So week 2 will
          205 X 6 RPE 6
          215 X 6 RPE 7
          225 X 6 RPE 8

          10 lbs jumps for the RPE increases are about right in the 200's since 5% difference is a good estimate between RPE's (220*.05= 11) you might need more at say 300 where 5% is 15 lbs. Around 200 though the 10 pounds is going to give you about 5 percent which +/- should raise or lower your RPE about right.

          So I really don't use the calc from week to week until I hit week 6. Then I use it as estimate for 1 @ RPE 8. It may just be me but I feel that is estimate is light for squats, heavy for DL, and about right for bench and press. So I pay attention to my RPE as I build up to hit the RPE 8 for 1. I usually warm up here starting with 5 reps and moving to 3 on the next last warmup then 1 on the last warmup and hopefully my RPE 8 at 1 rep but sometimes that ends up being an extra warmup.

          After week 6 I try more to do it by feel but still try to add 5 lb for the major lifts. The feel is more to if at 1 rep the 5 pounds is enough.

          I also would add to make sure you are warming up by directions that helps to get the feel of RPE better when start with just the bar and move up.


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            JJW- thank you for the detailed response! I’m sorry I’m just seeing this now. I agree that the 1 rep @8 seems heavier for DL than the others. I’m still feeling out my RPEs for the 1 rep at 8s; sometimes I’m going off of numbers, and then sometimes I’ll do 2 reps to see if I am more or less accurate. One thing that has been tough (but very beneficial) is knowing that there are going to be some days where I know I should be able to lift more, butthe strength just isn’t there. It will usually come back the next week if I don’t push it past the recommended RPE, but if I let my ego get in the way, I feel like my lifts start to stall.