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HLM Template, back off sets unclear

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  • HLM Template, back off sets unclear

    Hey all, i'm hoping i'm missing something obvious here. In week 2 of the HLM template, Day 1 Excercise 1 is Squat with belt. The back off sets state:
    "*Take 5% off the bar from [email protected] and do 12 reps (sets of 4-6), No Set > RPE 8"

    Week 3 is the same, but the reps are set to 18.

    This seems like an impossible amount of reps to perform at the weight specified. Am i missing something here? Are the reps specified just a "max limit", and what i should do is just go to the rep count that is around RPE 8 for each of the 4-6 sets?


    EDIT: Answsered here!

    Thank you "hlm training template" tag
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