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    I am in the beginning of my novice linear progression and would appreciate any constructive comments on my squat form. I know that my back angle is too horizontal, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I could fix this problem. If there is any other problems you see, please let me know.

    Link to squats:


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    Hi, sorry you haven't received a response yet. Various factors influence your torso angle - bar position, stance width, amount of forward knee travel etc. Ultimately, a lot of it comes down to your anatomy, which you can't really control. If you feel like your torso angle is limiting your squat progress, then play around with the things you can control and try to find a position you feel the strongest in. However, a more horizontal torso angle isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are plenty of examples of strong squatters with fairly horizontal torsos, including Jordan. The more important thing is maintaining a relatively constant angle throughout the squat.

    As an aside, I'd advise setting up your camera/phone in the same zip code you're lifting in for future form checks. It's kinda hard to see exactly what's going on in your video from that far away