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Squat form check, please!

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  • Squat form check, please!

    Hello all,

    Can I get a squat form check please? Any feedback is appreciated.

    Set 1, 2, and 3 (together with the breaks cut out) {Set 2 has a better angle}

    I am returning to lifting after a two month inactivity period. In Feb, I squatted 235 lbs. Picked it back up at 185 lbs, and did 205 lbs today.

    I am having some lower back discomfort while reracking the bar after each set. I have no issues while actually performing the reps. Every time, after the last rep, when I try to walk forward and rerack, my lower back feels fatigued. There is a lot of tension there. This happens only when I do Low Bar Squats. I have a feeling that it could be due to the fact that my hips are not directly under or aligned with my shoulders in the Low Bar Squat (as opposed to in the High Bar). This could be putting a lot of stress on my hips, as I have my hips pushed out at the top (since I am a little more bent over). What can I do to fix this?

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    I think these squats look good.
    I would not surprised or concerned if your back does feel fatigued after squats (those muscles are in use), but if it is bothering you: if it only occurs during the re-rack perhaps you could try and modify the way you rack the bar? for example maybe taking two smaller steps forwards so you have more of both feet under the bar instead of the larger step with one leg it looks like you are taking at the moment?