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  • Deadlift mechanics/setup

    Are there any exceptions to the bar under scapula rule? Are there people with certain leverages that can pull with the barbell directly under their shoulderblades?
    I ask, because ive seen some people on Instagram etc that seem to pull with the barbell directly under their shoulder with vertical arms, im wondering if thats definitely not possible and maybe I only think that because of the angle or im failing to see their hips rise and scapula move on top of the bar.
    ​​​​​​I think these guys usually have a relatively long torso relative to their femurs too.
    Just curious about this

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    @thedeadliftdemon on instagram pulls conventional like that (if im seeing it right), and @professionalweakguy too i think
    @professionalweakguy actually posted this deadlift progress video recently too ( that got me thinking because, in the first one he starts with his hips too low and it rises up and gives him a horizontal back angle, which should be his optimal pulling position? Right?
    ​​​​​​​But then he now manages to pull with more vertical arms and a more upright torso, but with a slightly more rounded spine, but shouldnt an effectively shorter torso (due to the rounding), put his hips HIGHER during a heavy pull? (to get his scapulae over the bar)


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      Sorry they're long, just curious how these happen, correct me if ive got something completely wrong, Im a very newbie lifting and im trying to optimise my deadlift mechanics so ive been looking into these things