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  • Transition to Powerbuilding 2

    I am finishing my last week of Powerlifting 2 and want to start Powerbuilding 2 next. The first week of PB2 technically has more volume than what I’m doing now, and the intensity I’m anticipating will technically give me larger tonnage than what I’m getting right now, too. Technically the first week of a BBM template is considered a low stress/deload - would the first week of PB2 be enough of a deload for me or is the final week of Powerlifting 2 enough of a reduction of stress to where I can just continue trucking ahead?

    Thanks in advance!

  • #2 The spreadsheet says it is great for after Powerlifting II. If you are concerned about volume, the 3 day version has slightly less volume but it will have similar volume on the first day, it is just 3 days a week so the volume is lower with your variations of the main lifts. I have ran them both and the main difference is the additional accessory work with variations of the lifts. Although the link doesn't have a recommendation for PB1 after running after Strength II.

    I like PB 2 but it is a bit tougher than PB1 since you are doing more higher rep accessories than in PB1 where you have to put the big 3 in 3 days. You essentially cut out 3 additional variation lifts since you lose a day and the Press replaces one of your second movements.