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Overloads? Huh?

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  • Overloads? Huh?

    Hi everyone,

    My apologies if this question has been answered before, but a search of the forum (and Google) didn't provide any results I understood. I'm preparing to do the Powerlifting II template, and some of the days have "Overload Squat" or Deadlift programmed. The problems is that I don't fully understand that that means.

    I think "overload" means to use bands (which I have) on my squats and deads, but I only have one pair available and don't understand how much weight I should put on the bar in relation to, say, a normal comp. squat with belt. Again, my apologies if this doesn't make sense, but I don't know how to evaluate what an overload is or how it should be performed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for the assistance, and thanks to the BBM crew for producing fantastic content.

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    Hey man, hopefully the links below (similar questions with answers) addresses your question(s).

    Reasoning behind overload

    Overload selection

    If you don't find it there, you can always just ask them in the Training QA forum (you posted this in the unmoderated forum).