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Power Rack and Platform Size

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  • Power Rack and Platform Size

    I'm putting together a home gym in my garage and am looking for some advice on lifting platform size. The rack I've currently got in boxes (needs to be assembled in the next couple of days) is this:

    It's the 30" deep, 6 post PR-4000 from REP Fitness. I'm somewhat limited in how deep the platform can be, but width can go all the way out to 8' no problem. I'm considering only assembling the 4 post configuration and returning the rest of the hardware. I'll deal with weight storage some other way

    I want to squat, bench, press etc. inside the power rack and then deadlift in front, so a platform with plywood down the center and then stall mats on the sides is what I'm aiming for. The depth of the platform is my question. Would a 6' x 8' platform be deep enough to allow me to comfortably deadlift in front of the rack if I had a 30" deep, 4 post configuration and still slide a flat bench inside? I'm a bit hesitant about the size of platform I need relative to my power rack. And given the price of plywood and OSB these days, I'd really hate to get it wrong or have buyer's remorse later. Thanks.

    Edit: I don't do Olympic lifts, drop the weights, or use bumper plates.
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    If your rack is situated at the edge of your platform then you’d have 3-3.5 ft left for deadlifting depending on if the 30” accounts for the thickness of the posts. I’d think that would be enough space to deadlift. I have a 4’x8’ platform butted up against my rack and have plenty of space to pull from, probably only utilize 2-3 feet of space I’d guess. Might be a little too tight if you have the bench set in the rack as that would probably leave you with less than 2 feet to work with so may work but may not.


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      Rack outside depth is 39"


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        I think you’d have enough room with a 6’ platform