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  • Strossen's Super Squats

    Alan Thrall has a video where he talks about this program. I'm curious if it's ever come up in a Barbell Medicine podcast or post. The program seems pretty wild. Anyone here tried it?

    Here's Thrall's video:

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    I have always wanted to try it. I don't think it's the best program for my goals, but the way Alan Thrall says that every other program will feel easy makes me want to see how hard it is.

    I'm still doing the beginner prescription at the moment, and before that I did SSLP, but the first phase of the beginner prescription, on day three, is squats four sets at 10 reps with the last rep at RPE 8, after a heavy deadlift session. That day always sucked for me. Didn't matter the weight my legs were just shot at the end. For this reason I keep thinking, mentally I can get something out of Super Squats.


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