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UK based barbell and squat rack

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  • UK based barbell and squat rack

    Hi all

    Moving house hopefully in a couple of months. Anyway I will finally have a garage to build a home gym.

    Planning on building a lifting platform, buying a rack, a barbell, weight and an air bike.

    I would like to purchase Rogue stuff in an ideal world as per lots of the recommendations on the forum. However Brexit has made life a bit more difficult. I know they add the tax and VAT on for orders just not sure if there are going to be problems with importing the OHP barbell etc.

    Anyway looking at other UK companies people recommend. I have looked at Strength Shop, Wolverson Fitness, Bulldog Gear. I am thinking of going with Wolverson as their customer service appears to be better and products look good quality. Not mad on their barbell choices, as stainless steel bar has no centre knurl. I have read very mixed things about, strength shop and bulldog. Does anyone have any experience with the companies above or could recommend another UK based company?

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    I'll move this thread to the open forum for discussion. I don't know anything about UK equipment companies, unfortunately.
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      Check out the homegym subreddit. There is a ton of information there that will be helpful for you. There are also a bunch of Europeans that could answer other questions you might have.