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closing hands on low bar squat

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  • closing hands on low bar squat


    I am having issues closing my hands on low bar squats. I have been using a thumbless grip. I am worried that on heavy weights this is going to affect me. How can I get better at this?


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    I'm not sure I understand the question/issue.
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      In terms of grip on low bar squatting, I have been using a thumbless grip. I having issues closing my hands I think due to shoulder mobility. I do not know if thumbless grip is advisable with heavier weights.


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        If the bar stays where you want it on your back, there is nothing wrong with thumbless grip on the low bar squat.

        If you have trouble with this, you can try a thumbs-around grip or post a video form check to our FB group.
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          I'm not saying you should be able to do a back squat using a straight bar with no hands, but there should be as little weight as possible in your hands. All the weight should be supported in that crease between your shoulders and upper-back muscles. Think about it, can you hold 300+ pounds in your hands with bent elbows? You want your upper back to be very tight during the squat because it is supporting all the weight. Therefore, thumbs under or over shouldn't matter. Personally, I much prefer thumbs over the bar as I get less elbow and wrist discomfort.

          Conversely, I would strongly discourage using a thumbless grip for the bench press. Less of a chance of dropping the bar on yourself with thumbs around the bar.

          Oddly, after a successful squat at a meet once, I had a judge caution me that "your thumbs weren't even touching the bar". The rules actually say a thumbless grip is allowable in the squat, but I was more careful for the remaining two squats anyway.
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