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Volume & Recovery in Aging Lifters

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  • Volume & Recovery in Aging Lifters

    Came across this video today. Seems as if the Rippetoe/Sully theory that volume is bad if you're over 40 continues to seep into the training-world zeitgeist. Obviously I think a lot of volume at maximal weights is unnecessary and likely to lead to connective tissue issues like tendinitis etc. but I think that increased volume at submaximal loads is the key to getting stronger outside of the novice phase. At least that's the theory Im going with for now.
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    Honestly mate, Blaha is the biggest running joke, pathological liar and oxygen thief on YT. Nobody takes a word he says seriously. Look up his form if you have time to waste.
    I'll bet you wont be able to delete his video from your post fast enough.


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      I only have a little more than a year of lifting behind me, so my experience is limited and focused only on myself. However, I will say that I just finished a cycle of a few months where I increased the volume quite a bit, with reduced intensity. I found that I was pretty tired the first couple of weeks, but adapted after that. During this period I made some very good Gainzzz and did not get injured or feel like I was over trained.