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Squat - butt wink or fine?

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  • Squat - butt wink or fine?

    Here's me 7 months ago:
    here's me now:

    Am I butt winking now or is that natural mobility I'm seeing?

    I saw an Alan Thrall squat video where he seemed to be doing pretty much the same thing, but I wanted to ask regardless.

    I'm squatting without patellofemoral knee pain now, and when I don't rush it (like I did in this video) , I can actually get more depth, although tbh my understanding is that you should squat only to the depth that you're not hurting yourself with as long as it's around 90, or to the depth that's juuust below 90 if you're trying to compete.

    7 months ago I had the knee pain, but now I'm cueing better to push my butt back on the way down and it's helping. I just wanted to make sure there weren't other problems here to address, because I'm probably going to keep going this time around since there's no pain.

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    The squats in both videos look completely fine to me. Regarding the butt wink I don't see any, and generally, butt wink is a problem that I would recommend spending exactly zero percent of your time worrying about if you have no pain. And even if you did have pain, it's probably not from butt wink.


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      Great article that is relevant to the topic at hand:


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        It looks to me that u try du keep your knees back, why? i would push my knees more foreward.

        But im not an expert,