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    For those of you that have completed one of the low fatigue templates, what type of results have you seen and do you recommend the program?


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    Hey I just completed the 4 day Low Fatigue Template. I added 40 lb on DL, 35 lb on squat and 15 lb on bench.

    Just to set the stage, there was multiple travel dates where I squished the lift days to one end of the week and the other to get it all in. I think I might have missed one day-4 lift day but otherwise got all the training in. I have and active job and sleep is sub optimal often because of work logistics. I'm almost 48 years old and have very active teenagers (2).

    Highly recommend this program. I am going to run it again starting tomorrow with only very minor changes to exercise selection. Mainly due to my db selection at home is too light even for seated press at this point. The training sessions are many but the session length was quite manageable. I never felt beat up even when doing what I'd call the mini peak and taper. I also did extra abs daily and "cardio" I guess with brisk trail walks of dog for about 30ish min a day when not on duty (fire service...not at home for 24 hrs).

    Any questions, shoot.

    Joel b.


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      9 weeks into the low ISF 3 day.
      So far, so good.
      Only mods to the programming I've done is the reduce the back off sets for squats and deads back to 65% of the days 1RM whilst keeping the volume the same. I just recover better.
      That, and for this block, I'm only doing pin / belt and box squats as 'free' squat movements sometimes give my knees the shits.

      The one programming consideration that I think should have been stated in bolt type was assume you'll be adding weight unless proven otherwise - or words to that effect. The 'otherwise' of course being the RPE of you last warm up sets.

      Certainly enough baked in variation to keep it interesting, as well as plenty of scope for tweaking it to suit your training goals.
      Like most anything, you get out of it what you put into it.

      Would recommend.