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  • Squat and Bench Form Check

    1. Which do you guys think is worst between the two? I think I'll just get a BBM check on that (apparently $20 for just one compound lift?)
    2. Feel like as I get heavier on the bench harder to get he weight up. What makes do you decide whether you need to move up or down the jcups? I might not be bringing out the weight with my lats. I think I did this correctly today and the weight seemlesly moved out because I was surprised at the sudden weight directly on top of me

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    Unfortunately we aren't able to offer routine, free form checks through this forum, or it would quickly become inundated with people requesting this. You may get some input from the community here, or the BBM Facebook group. The details of the form check service that you mention can be found here.

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      Regarding bench unrack; Before you unrack the bar roll it al the way forward in the Jcups and set up with the end of the Jcups only an inch or two behind your shoulders. That should reduce how far you have to horizontally move the bar to unrack it and give you better leverage.