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  • Low Stress Week

    Hello! I was wondering if I should continue to add weight after a low stress week or repeat the same numbers

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    I think I remember one of the Doctor's recommend the deload week be done without planning for advancement (e.g if you're working up to an RPE 8, don't go heavier than the previous week), but that the week after the deload you should plan to advance. Now that I've written it out, I'm not as sure as when I started though...

    At any rate, I try to add weight the week after the low stress week. Good luck.


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      IMHO your focus should not be to add weight or repeat numbers, but rather to hit the prescribed RPE

      At least that is how I understand the main message of the BBM programming philosophy.


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        I would expect to perform better but that doesn’t mean I would necessarily add weight. I like “earning bar load” which is something I saw on the RTS Instagram page.