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    I only go to a local YMCA, its cheap and I don't really know of any other gyms that I can do strongman things at. It hasn't been a (big) problem so far for everything other than for the 1-motion and the sled movements. I don't have any sort of object I can lift things over, and the management don't like people slamming weights for structural integrity purposes, its a gym on the 2nd floor. I had to get kind of creative with what a 1-motion can look like, so I created this roughly 5' tower and just throw the dumbbell on top and back down. This is makes it feel as janky as it looks. Any other alternatives for the 1-motion I can do? Would it be simpler to just do cleans?

    And for the sled movements, it can get busy and there is only one area I can do the sled movements on. Its not all the time, but it happens and I don't know what to do once it does. Any alternative I can do instead of the sled movements that is a little more "confined"?
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