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Navy SEAL training (advice for women?)

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  • Navy SEAL training (advice for women?)

    Hi, I’m a 22 year old woman and I’m training to become a US Navy SEAL. How should a woman prepare for BUD/S (US Navy SEAL training)? Do you have any advice for preparation? What books or websites would you recommend? There’s never been a female SEAL.

    SEAL candidates have to run 40-70 miles per week on sand, run 4 miles in 30 minutes weekly, swim 2 miles in 75 minutes in Scuba fins weekly, carry boats/logs, do rucking with heavy gear, complete an O-course weekly, etc.

    According to what some BUD/S dropouts told me, one female SEAL candidate broke her legs in Basic Orientation (BO) which is the first two weeks of SEAL training, another female SEAL candidate broke her legs in BUD/S Prep (the school that prepares you for SEAL training) and a third female SEAL candidate got rolled back in BO for stress fractures. None of them made it.

    According to the SEALSWCC Scout Team, most female SEAL candidates struggle with load bearing and just don’t have enough durability. Women have weaker bones and tendons than men, studies have shown that women develop stress fractures 3x more often than men. Do you have any advice for becoming more durable?​

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    What an awesome question. Hell yeah.

    Please consider posting this in the moderated forum. I'd love to see the doctors respond to it.