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2x Per week Intermediate Programming?

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  • Austin Baraki
    This is getting into consult territory - I'll bump this down into the unmoderated forums and let our community discuss ideas for this.

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  • Hegemon78
    started a topic 2x Per week Intermediate Programming?

    2x Per week Intermediate Programming?

    Hello BBM and thanks for taking my question, I am in need of guidance.
    These are my currents stats:
    6’0 275 lbs, been on SSLP since last November. I had one injury setback in the middle that stalled my progress for about 3 weeks. I have gained 25 pounds since November.

    Squat – 300 1rm
    Deadlift – 340 1rm
    Bench – 235 1rm
    Press – 141 1rm
    Row – 230 1rm

    At this time, I think I have run out most of the LP and am thinking about going to intermediate programming. Due to lifestyle factors (career, children, etc) I am also wondering if there is a way to go to two days per week training instead of three. I realize this may not be optimal, but am okay with that if I can still make progress. I am not a competitor or anything like that, just training for general health. I am also hoping to recomp/slowly lose body fat over time.

    Can you advise on a way of training twice a week and how to progress? I know a lot of people too that would benefit from a twice per week program if it is possible. Would you also recommend implementing cardio/GPP work?