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The Bridge 1.0 Tracker - UPDATED

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  • The Bridge 1.0 Tracker - UPDATED

    Hey again,

    Back by popular demand, I am sharing my updated version of The Bridge 1.0 tracking spreadsheet. The key differences between this one and the older version is the stickied calculators at the top so you do not have to hop between sheets, as well as the inclusion of an analysis page that is auto-populated by data from the main sheet. Please read the instructions first (and more importantly the PDF of the Bridge)

    Just view it and download yourself a copy (menu in the top left of Google Sheets)

    I personally ran The Bridge weeks ago and added over 90lb to my total - which is not very impressive but it is far better than my own self-programming. It also really got me liking RPE and it's ability to add qualitative data to my training as well as help set expectations. If my spreadsheet is telling me X weight should feel like Y, its more likely to feel that way.

    I would just like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Barbell Medicine team for so much information that is being put out there for free to benefit us all. You guys are awesome!

    All credit goes to Dr. Feigenbaum and Dr. Baraki for putting out such a great program for free. So here is this spreadsheet for it for free as well!

    Hoping to eventually pick up HLM and GPP Hypertrophy Bias soon and run those between the bridge runs.

    Keep up the amazing work!
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    Thanks for this. I wish that I'd thought to look up the previous version six weeks ago when I started the Bridge - might have made my estimates a little more consistent. Nevertheless, I've plugged in my numbers and I'm loving the analysis.


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      Nice! I'll switch to this on my second run


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        Read carefully folks, you have to view it then choose to download yourself a copy in the top left file menu! No need to request access from me.


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          Thanks for sharing your hard work, azeemqwerty ! I am starting the Bridge 1.0 myself next week, and breathed a heavy sigh opening up a new Google Sheets tab wondering how I was going to track this. I had been tracking my LP and all my exercise prior to this dating back to the start of COVID in various sheets, but the Bridge is more complicated than any of this stuff. Thankfully the Google Machine (h/t Dr. Feigenbaum) took me to this post. I am generally pretty capable with Google Sheets and would have half-assed something myself, but this is great. Can't wait to get started.