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  • My barbell access has been so hit or miss and my sleep so erratic.

    Just glad I went and did.
    b/w 177. waist 33in

    HBBS 45-95-135-165-185x5, add belt (notch 6 is the 'easy fit' now!?) 195-205-215x5. last set I'd rate at a 6. which for right now, I'm ok with.
    Press 45-65-85x5 add belt 95-105-115x5. this last was a 6.5.
    RDL 175x8x3 sets
    Leg extension 12x2

    in and out and done in 40 minutes.


    • 25 min row 5782m 22 s/m
      seasons best, 10m off record for this time. Pretty easy until last 5.


      • Bench tng 45x5x2, 95x5x2, 135-165-175-185x5. Last was 8.5 - I definitely could do one more rep, and I could’ve gone to 190 for 5 instead, but I couldn’t do more than 2 more with 185 today.
        Leg press 1 plate- 2 plates- 3 plates - 3 plates and 1 25x 10, 3 plates and 2 25s x 10x2
        db bench 50s x 12x3
        flyes 15s x 15 x 2 - shoulders cranky at bottom


        • Trying to make up friday and saturday.

          20 minutes EMOM (i.e. 4 rounds)
          a) 5 pull-ups
          b) 10 goblet squats (55#)
          c) 10 med ball situps (10#)
          d) 10 push-ups 2-1-1
          e) 10 walking lunges each leg (20# weight vest)

          2:00 on/2:00 off x 3 - plan was to do 5 rounds, with the same pace on each 2 minute piece. what I wanted, ideally, was 500m in the work and 400m in the rest. I went 499-500-497 in the work periods, and my recoveries were progressively worse. so not exactly the plan. Shut it down and glad I did something for everything, even if nothing was "optimal".
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          • 5 min w/u
            5x350m rate cap at 26, 2:40 rest. total time was 6:20.9 for an average split of 1:48.8. granted, that is a long rest all things considered (about 2:1) but that split is also about 7 seconds faster than my 2k and the level of effort was pretty manageable. I'm certain I could have done 1-2 more about as fast.
            then 1 round through the 16 Nautilus machines, for fun.


            • Good quick one today.
              thank goodness for rain.
              bw 176lb/80kg

              HBBS 45-95-135-165-185-195x8, 205x8x2 sets
              press 45-65-85-95x8, 105x8x2
              RDL myoreps 135x 15,5,4,4,3
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              • Bro-tastic.
                Bench 45-95-135-145-155-165-175x6
                High Incline DB Press 55s x8x3
                Leg Press 2 - 3 - 4 plates - 4 Plates + 25 x 10
                Cable Row MyoReps 15-5-5-5-5-5
                Tricepts 15x3
                Biceps 15x4


                • 6000m time trial: 25:27.9 Personal Best! 2:07.3/500m avg and 22 s/m average. Most proud of just *how* steady this was. Each 1000m was between 2:05-2:09, which is good for me on such a long piece.
                  I feel confident that as I re test my 5k, 2k, and 500m the endurance I've built at these overdistances will pay off.


                  • Been a minute!

                    Finally had a chance to train between travel and re-entry in to day to day life.

                    Was in PNW, climbed up most of Mt. Rainier while we were there. Rowing and Strength are EXCELLENT hiking prep, btw. I never felt winded or unable to climb, my pack wasn't an undue burden, etc.

                    Other than hiking (and some warm-up/cool down stuff) no training. Between lots of (really good!) food and stress, BW back up to 182 yesterday AM.

                    HBBS 45x5x2, 95x5, 135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 195x5 add belt 205x5, 215x5, 225x5x2 - all pretty easy. But since its been two weeks since squatting I'm anticipating some nasty DOMS tomorrow.
                    Strict Press w/belt 95x5, 105x5, 115x5x2 - again, pretty easy as these go. Surprised the groove is this good.
                    RDL 185x8x4 sets
                    6 minutes Abs

                    Solid session, but a little bittersweet. I'm starting grad school later this month (yay!) but between that, my wife's school/work commitments, work, and family, AND my frustrations with the community center I train at, I'm cancelling that membership. Which means I won't be able to have regular access to barbells for awhile, which is not ideal, but I need the money and I'm not going to put up with more BS. I'll continue to train but it's obviously not going to be directed at a barbell sport. That's not a huge surprise or shift even, but I really enjoyed having them available.

                    With how the membership is structured I'll have access until Mid September, so I'll be running a more traditional strength block until its time to leave, lots of 5's, 4's, 3's and close variations. My thinking is to build up the absolute strength levels as high as I can while I can. The rest of this week is "low stress" to give me some runway into next week.


                    • 5 min w/u
                      5 min cooldown
                      20 min main piece, only objective was to stay at 20 rate and not let HR drift too high. As first time back in 10 days and with some good DOMS, I'll take 4451 m, hit rate goals, and a max HR of < 90% MHR.

                      good, pretty easy stuff.

                      The erg is *right* in front of an east facing window, so hardest part is just not getting blinded on every catch.


                      • Another good one.

                        Yesterday I was flat out exhausted.
                        Good nights sleep helped.

                        Bench TnG 45x5, 95x5, 135x5, 155x5, 165x5, 175x5x2
                        2ct Pause High Bar 45-95-135-165-185-195-205x4
                        Glute Bridge 135-155x8

                        Erg Intervals 30 seconds on 60 seconds off x 10 - these were solid: 28 s/m 1:44.5 avg 1435m total in work periods.


                        • Just getting something in today. Yesterday just didn’t happen.

                          5 min w/u, the. 5x 350m on 2:40 rest. Pretty good


                          • Another day where I'm glad I did something.

                            Incline DB Press 55s x 12 x 4
                            Lunges w/ Weight Vest 10 e x 3 sets
                            DB Row 60 x 12 e x 3 sets
                            SL RDL 25 x 8 e x 3 sets
                            Goblet Squat 70 x 8x3


                            • Earlier today:
                              30 min steady state 6695m


                              • Rack occupied.

                                Bench TnG 45-95-135-155-165x5, 175x5x3
                                Leg Press Myo Reps 3 plates + 25 each side 15-5-5-5-5-5
                                Single Leg curl x8 each x 3 sets
                                Lat Pulldown 120x12x4 sets

                                again, just glad I did something.