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  • weird last day or so time wise.

    had to get a quick one in. Thought I had way more time than I actually had, realized that after first working set
    HBBS 45x5x2, 95x5x2, 135x5, 165x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, checked time available, hit [email protected], 225x5x2.
    Press Myo Reps 85x12-4-4-4-4-4


    • steady state rowing today:
      3x 12 min on - 3 minute recover.
      each 12 minute piece I ended up rowing between 2500-2503m, and held my hr under 175. over time the split should improve and so should the hr.
      This was a little disappointing, cause its not "fast" but the actual rowing people *swear* by steady state, specifically rating 16-22 for 60-90 minutes a session with an HR under 70% max.


      • 35 minute pump session before kiddo’s swim lesson.
        15x4 face pulls
        12x3 lateral raise
        10x3 rear raise
        5 each x 2 bottoms up KB press
        8x3 suspended push up
        6x3 suspended fall outs
        10x2 machine chest press
        5 each half get ups
        10 strict toes to bar


        • Mixed bag.

          5 min w/u

          6x1:00/1:00 - originally planned for 10, but keeping pace/rate goals was RPE 9. I knew it would be challenging but I figured I could hold it.

          3 min feet out c/d.

          3 sets of ab work.

          Definitely think the lack of training time has caught up to me.


          • an actually decent lift!

            HBBS 45-95-135-165-185-205-225-230x6. Last set was a true 8 today.
            Press 100x10x3
            RDL 205x6x3
            SLDL 16kg x 7 each leg x 3 sets
            Strict toes to bar 7 x 2 sets

            in out and done in 45 minutes. sets done with 2-3 minutes rest.


            • a little bit better steady state effort today:

              3 rounds
              10 minutes @ 18, 2:24 pace / 2 minute recovery.

              Kept these under 170 bpm, which is an improvement, and the pace ended up being 2:23.3/500m, which isn't fast but is a hair faster than Saturday. So, chalking up the win and the meters.


              • no warm up
                6x500m, 1 minute rest. Hard but doable, these were all under 26 spm and the last four averaged my 2k PR pace exactly.

                I have felt super funky lately - like for 2+ months - and felt like there was some inexorable physical decline happening without my consent. To put a performance that indicates I can match my personal best while feeling like junk is a big confidence boost.


                • DL 45-135-185-225-225-275x6, 285x6x2 - bout an 8. Not bad for not having deadlifted since (June 18! dios mio).
                  BP tng 45-95-135x10, 145x10x3 [email protected]
                  Alt. Rev. Lunge 7 each x 3 with bs
                  Strict Toes to Bar 5x3
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                  • today's steady state was a lot like 8/17; instead of 3 minutes rest I only rested 2:30.

                    today I went 2518m, 2519m, and 2521m respectively in today's pieces, all at 18 rate. My HR did climb over 175 (to 177) for the last one, but averaged 162 today.

                    So I
                    - went a little further, faster
                    - with a little less rest
                    - a little less effort
                    - and a lot fewer strokes.

                    Sounds like progress to me!


                    • Bw this am: 176
                      HBBS 45-135-185-225-235-240-225x6 fairly certain 240x6 is a rep PR for High bar.
                      Press 100x8x2, 105x8x2
                      RDL 15-5-5-5-4-3x155 whew


                      • 5 minute w/u trying to get my HR monitor to work (it did not )

                        10:00/2:00 x 3 rounds - 2105, 2104, 2106m, respectively; all 20 s/m. felt easier than last week. 2:22.5/500m split.


                        • HR monitor still on the fritz.

                          Tried a new gym today, will check it out tomorrow and thursday too. I like it from a price & equipment perspective. location isn't bad just need to be cognizant of traffic.

                          DL 135x6, 225x4, [email protected] - more to do with that weight being novel again. [email protected]
                          Press 102.5x10x2, 100x10
                          Lateral Lunge 6 each x 3 sets

                          10 minute ski erg - holy hell I am not practiced at this.


                          • Last night's therapy session: 40 minute continuous row, steady state @20 rate. 8414m/ 2:22.6 average. HR still not working but subjectively this felt the way it should.


                            • Tonight’s therapy (after 4 fitful hours of sleep and 12 hours of pre launch bug clearing)
                              high bar 45x6x2, 95x6, 135x6, 165x6, 185x6, 205x6, 225x6, [email protected], [email protected] bar has no center knurling and almost lost that first set forward

                              bench 45x8x2, 95x8, 115x8, 135x8, 145x8, 155x8x2 @8

                              dBall over the shoulder 80x6x2

                              kb hand to hand swings 16kg x10x3

                              ab wheel 10x3

                              ski erg 200m x4/2:00



                              • 30 minutes steady state 6401m 20 rate easy peasy.