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    hi y’all:

    this is will be my new log as I continue my move from the forum where many of us found BBM.

    I am 8 days out from my first powerlifting meet, so I am very excited about that. After a pivot week, I plan to run the GPP endurance template, as I enjoy rowing and while I’m not a sloppy 198 right now, losing a few lbs would make my pants fit a little easier.

    In late July this year, my wife, toddler son, cat and I will be moving cross country for her to start on her graduate studies. So, I’ll be in a time crunch situation for a short while. Once we get our bearings in the new town, I will find either another power meet to do or, ideally I would find a strength lifting meet to prep for in the fall, likely with something like the 12 week Strength program.

    Here’s the rest of the relevant info:
    33 y/o
    198 lbs
    ran SSLP for 12 weeks last fall (October-December). Then TM style setup until mid March. As meet prep and reality collided, I began to shift to BBM flavored training.

    Best lifts, so far in pounds,
    squat: [email protected] (April 2018) [email protected] (Feb 2018)
    bench: [email protected] (April 2018), [email protected] (Feb 2018)
    deadlift: [email protected] (April 2018)
    press: [email protected] (April 2018)

    goals for meet:
    1- show up, have fun
    2- 9/9
    3- set PRs

    looking at these for attempts:
    squat 140/308 -150/330 - 155/341
    bench 95/209 - 100/220 - 105/231
    deadlift 160/352 - 170/374 - 182/401

    Moving over here is a direct result of the SS brand’s decisions.

    I coach a handful of friends, as well.

    Tuesday 4/24:
    comp squat 45x3x3, 135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 255x2, 275x1, 295x3x3 @8
    comp bench 45x6, 135x3, 165x3, 185x3, 202.5x3x 4 sets @8

    thursday 4/26:
    squat no belt 45x5x2, 135x5, 185x3, 225x2, 245x6x2 @8
    comp Press 45x5, 85x5, 105x3, 125x2, [email protected] (sloppy), 135x5x2 @8

    mock meet on Saturday.

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    All the best for the meet!


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      Thanks Teddy!


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        Mock meet:
        Squat [email protected], [email protected]
        Walkout 345x1.

        Bench 195x1, [email protected], [email protected], 195x3

        DL [email protected]

        I’m choosing to think of today in positive terms. Wife got gnarly food poisoning last night AND baby screamed up at 1230,130, 415. Got about 7 hours of crappy sleep between 10 pm and 9am. Wife is totally laid up too.

        Have only had an eggo waffle and a Met-RX bar to eat today, and first time lifting with an Ohio power bar (much stiffer than the junk bars I have access to) and competition plates, also first time in DL slippers and socks. Had to go faster than I wanted to.

        So junk sleep, junk food, no spotters and no psyche, openers were no question, easy peasy.


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          Meet Week!
          Comp Squat 45x5x2, 135x5, 225x3, 255x2, 285x1, 300x1, [email protected]

          comp bench 45x5x2, 135x5, 155x3, 175x2, 195x1, [email protected]

          Comp DL 135x5, 225x3, 315x1, [email protected]


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            Comp Squat 45x5x3, 135x5, 185x3, 225x2, 255x2x2

            Comp Bench 45x5x2, 135x5, 155x3, 175x2, 190x2x2 - left shoulder a little annoyed by these.

            Lat pull down 10x2


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              Meet report:

              Weigh in: 89.3 kg

              Squat 140-147.5-155 (16 pound PR)
              Bench 95-100 good; ties record. 105 no good
              DL 160-170-182.5 (27 pound PR)

              First 400+ pull too!
              437.5/963 total.


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                IG of best lifts:



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                  Pivot week.
                  Life, class, and work stress each @9. Not the worst week I’ve ever had, but man there is a ton going on.

                  Wed. AM

                  Stationary Bike 20 min. LISS - did it first as to avoid skipping it. 90rpms, ~125 bpm

                  front squat 45-95-135-145x7
                  incline bench 45-95-115-125x7, 105x10
                  lat pulldown 12x3sets
                  abs 5x30 seconds work:30 seconds recover
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                    GPP endurance day 1

                    Comp squat 45x5x2, 135x5, 185x3, 225x2, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] x2 sets (e1rm 326)
                    comp press 45x5, 65x5, 85x3, 105x2, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] x2 sets (e1rm 154)
                    chins 8min amrap 24 (3x EMOM)

                    500m row 1:49.9 -not bad for first row in a year!

                    Weigh out: 196.0

                    tough day but largely because I took last week off. Looking forward to seeing what this cycle will do for me. I will probably hold the e1rms constant for next week's targets


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                      GPP endurance day 2

                      deadlift 45-135-225x5, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] kept back flatter which was good but these were awful.

                      Close grip bench [email protected], [email protected], 155x8 @8, [email protected]

                      pendlay rows 135 AMRAP in 8 minutes 40 reps (5 EMOM, basically)

                      had hoped to get in the 5k row this morning but ran out of time.

                      Monday morning a few hours after training I had a gawd awful migraine with light sensitivity and nausea, bad enough I had to have my wife come and pick me up from work. So, just glad on one level to get this in, even if the performance wasn’t good. The close grips are in lieu of floor presses. The sole rack in my gym is not designed for me to be able to safely perform the floor press. My alligator arms simply are not long enough to reach. Nutrition has been in the dumps the past few days. Have definitely not eaten enough


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                        5k row: 23:16.3

                        averages: 2:19.6/500m 25 strokes per minute.

                        mostly even throughout, which is what I wanted, only one 500m segment above 2:22.0/500m.

                        still, my best ever 5000m (at the end of 100k in 4 weeks) was 20:36.1, so, I have some work to do.


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                          Just now:

                          bench 45x5x2, 95x5, 135x5, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] x2

                          squat no belt: 45x8, 135x8, [email protected], [email protected]

                          lat pull down 64 reps in 8 min (8 EMOM)

                          2k row 8:57.2 27 strokes per minute. Awful.


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                            Week 2 day 1
                            squat 45x5x2, 135x5, 225x3, 275x1, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
                            press 45x5, 95x5, 115x3, 135x1, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
                            chins 25 reps in 8 minutes.

                            im in a serious mental/emotional funk. But having training to do is helping me get out of bed.


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                              30 seconds work: 90 seconds rest x10 rounds rower.

                              first interval 125, last one 151, avg, 135.4/ 30 strokes per minute. Started too conservative.

                              Good to be up and done, though