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  • Friday nada.
    saturday- too perfect not to be outdoors. 5km run in 30 minutes
    planned poorly and walked 5km back to my car, but didn’t really mind.


    • Sunday:
      air squats, push ups, lunges, mountain climbers to warm up (3 sets of 10 of each)
      park stairs (~40m) x4x2 sets
      med ball toss and catch

      Monday late night:
      15 min @16 rate
      10 min @18 rate
      5 min @ 20 rate
      6516m total nice and easy

      tuesday (so far)
      push ups 10x5 sets
      split squats 20lb DBs x10e x4
      hollow holds :30 x3
      curls 15s x10x2
      triceps extensions 15s x10x2
      weighted sit up 15s x10
      swing 24kg x10 x10 emom


      • Wednesday off

        thursday 3x8:00/2:00 @22. 1852-1857-1861m perfect

        half kneeling press 16kg x8 x5e
        Goblet squat 24kg x8x5
        deadbug x10e x5

        then 30 minutes @20 6824m seasons best

        weekend off

        monday -
        30 minutes @20 easy 6541m plenty in the tank, nice and steady
        abs - 10x:30/:30 varied movements each round, 5 push ups in rest periods.

        hamstrings weirdly tight/sensitive since Sunday.


        • Good news: haven’t stopped training.

          bad news: not gonna try to recap everything from last few weeks.

          - new 30min row PR
          - weight down to 174
          - doing 30 push ups a day (save Saturdays and High holy days)
          - am basically rowing every day save Saturdays and high holy days
          - in addition to push ups, doing very general strength work 1-3x week, goblet squats, swings, halos, planks, abs, lunges of all varieties for 2-4x6-15 reps.

          im trying to let the volume do the work.