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    Hey guys.

    Decided to start the log since I guess the programming is gonna be increasingly complex and harder. Making it public may be a good thing to improve discipline.

    Age 27, 179cm (5'10''), 88kg (194lb), waist 35''. Training for some years semi-randomly, but I focused on strength and PL lifts about 1.5 to 2 years ago. I don't even have a pair of shoes, yet, but it's on its way from the US to Brazil. This year I have decided taking things seriously and to be more academic about it. I had my first meet today, but it was a Bench only meet, with one week notice...

    First step: The Bridge.

    - Improve understanding and practice of RPE.
    - Learn new variations.
    - Fix form deviations (there must be many, since I never had a coach).
    - Gainzzz.

    Current status (May 2018):
    - Squat: 180kg (400lb) e1RM (based on a good lifting day)
    - Bench: 134kg (295 lb) 1RM (failed to improve on the meet...)
    - DL: 210kg (465lb) 1RM (no video, form was probably bad)
    - Press: 74kg (165lb) e1RM (based on a good lifting day)

    One step at a time. Let's see where this bridge goes, and given the goals of this run, it might be worth it to do a second run of it to take full advantage.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Updated status (Sep 2019):

    Age 29, same height, 92kg

    - Squat: 184kg PR (from 2018/08)
    - Bench: 136kg PR (from 2018/06)
    - DL: 212.5kg PR (from 2019/09)
    - Press: 84kg PR (from 2018/06)
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    2018/05/07 - The Bridge W1D1

    BW 89kg
    Duration 1h15

    Squat belt - 130*[email protected], 138*[email protected], 140*5@8
    Close grip bench - 94*4@7, 98*[email protected], 104*4@9
    Rack pull - 110*[email protected], 114*[email protected], 118*7@8 (straps for last)

    Starting the program, starting with RPE for real, starting some variations, starting with full body workouts...

    + Squat felt OK, last set felt a solid 8 (if I'm already entitled to say that). I tried to be conservative with the RPEs, but I think that made me overshoot a bit (0.5) some sets (same for the pull). I think it's OK though.

    + Bench went better than expected, never having done close grip. I think I was learning the movement throughout the sets. E1RM 13kg below my bench 1RM, seems OK.

    + Rack pull was the opposite, I went lighter than expected. Maybe lack of conditioning, or fatigue from the other 2 exercises. Never had done it also. It was a looong time since I did work sets with 7s.

    - I think my conditioning will need to improve with this program. Good thing it is expected.

    - Had to overshoot 1 or 2 minutes the rest time for some sets (mainly squat). I don't think it's a big deal.

    - Funny how I felt a greater volume than I was used to, but at the same time it felt low stress as the program prescripts. Good thing, I guess.

    - I have the impression that RPE will work good for me. Prejudgements are looking like they will be confirmed. Weights were not fantastic, but it felt like a good workout. High hopes!​
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      2018/05/09 - The Bridge W1D2

      Duration 1h15

      Paused squat - 120*[email protected], 124*[email protected], 128*[email protected]
      Press - 60*[email protected], 62*5@7, 64*[email protected] (beltless)
      Rows - 64*8@6, 66*[email protected], 70*[email protected], 74*8@8

      + I miss my belt a lot. Also, I often pause too little and need to fix a form deviation that affects comp squats too, the bar sometimes goes one inch forward when leaving the bottom.

      + Belt never helped in press, will try again later. I think session was ok.

      + Never did this row, and I had a hard time leaving the back parallel to ground. Still working on this. Next week might see a big improvement. Hard to use RPE with 8s.
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        2018/05/10 - The Bridge W1GPP

        7 min alternated pull-ups/chin-ups - 12+7+4+5+4+3+3+4 = 42 reps
        7 min alternated tuck hold/planks - 4 of each
        25 min riding ma bahke

        + MAN, I did not see this coming. After the first set I was "cool, this will be like RPE 5". But then my arms suddenly died and it looked like I had never done pull or chins. Maybe it was too much for the first set, maybe too little rest. Also, long time I didn't try them.

        + I tried at first use isometric leg raises, instead of tuck holds, but it would be too much for 7 mins. By the 4th set I was tired again.

        + Bike was ok. Tried to keep it cool, also been a long time. It was good at least to take the dust off her.
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          2018/05/11 - The Bridge W1D3

          Duration 1h15 - all 3 workouts this week. Improvement (in efficiency) from last program.

          Deadlift - 140*[email protected], 146*[email protected], 150*5@8 (beltless, straps for last)
          Bench - 100*5@6, 106*5@7, 110*5@8 (beltless)
          303 Squat - 60*8@6?, 70*8@8?, 70*[email protected]?

          + Sore from GPP, ha! Made some harm, but not much, reasonable workout for a friday. I do DLs beltless, since my belt is 4'' and it always destroyed my form. Since form is becoming more solid, will try again with it in a few weeks.

          + BP was good. Nailed RPE for the first time, I think. Also beltless, same as Press.

          + These squats are the DEMON! No idea of the RPE, I'm just proud that I got to the end of them, even if with 2% of the expected weight. I even needed a spotter to count the reps for me, haha. I hope it will improve greatly next week.

          - Good week, I think. Not that much in terms of training, but in terms of learning.

          - I already fear fo the High Stress weeks. But one step at a time.
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            2018/05/14 - The Bridge W2D1

            BW 90kg
            Duration 1h40

            Squat belt - 134*[email protected], 140*[email protected], 144*3X@?, 140*[email protected], 140*[email protected]
            Close grip bench - 100*[email protected], 104*4@8, 106*4@9, 104*4@9
            Rack pull - 110*[email protected], 120*7@7, 124*[email protected], 126*7@8 (straps)

            + Very messy session for the squat today... First two sets felt good, but then on the third I think I lost focus and missed after the third. Then the two last were bad and I was fighting to reach depth. No idea what happened. And this elongated the whole session. Next week has to be good.

            + ​​​​Variations felt good, on the other way. Used straps for the pull, grip harmed form on last reps.

            - I finally have proper shoes, at last. They seemed to help form on the first sets, but it might have been placebo. And then everything went downhill, but I don't think they had a part.on this.
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              2018/05/16 - The Bridge W2D2

              Duration 1h35

              Paused squat - 120*[email protected], 124*[email protected], 126*4@9, 122*4@9
              Press - 56*5@6, 62*5@8, 64*[email protected], 64*[email protected], 62*5@8, 62*[email protected] (beltless)
              Rows - 70*8@6, 74*[email protected], 80*[email protected], 82*8@8, 80*8@8

              + I still miss my belt. I keep pausing too little, and the same form deviation is still here (bar creeping forward during pause). It's more pronunciated than in the comp squat.

              + Press was not that good, either. Not sure why. Maybe some slight errors in hand placement had their part.

              + Row was very good, on the other way. Improvements bigger than expected. I think I found the correct stance for me - feet are wider than I was doing.
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                2018/05/17 - The Bridge W2GPP

                7 min alternated pull-ups/chin-ups - 8+6+6+6+4+4+4+4+2 = 44 reps
                7 min alternated tuck hold/planks - 4 of each
                25 min riding ma bahke

                + 1 more set led to 2 more pulls. Took a more reasonable approach this time. Thinking about trying sets of fahve next week.

                + I don't have a good idea to measure ads progress, so far.

                + Bike was ok again. I have realized today that I can log the ride in order to see any evolution. Should have thought this 1 week ago
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                  2018/05/18 - The Bridge W2D3

                  Duration 1h40

                  Deadlift - 140*5@6, 150*[email protected], 154*[email protected], 152*5@8, 152*5@9 (beltless)
                  Bench - 100*[email protected], 104*5@7, 108*[email protected], 108*5@9, 100*[email protected], 90*5@8 (beltless)
                  303 Squat - 70*[email protected], 74*[email protected], 76*8@8, 76*8@9

                  + Didn't quite hit the target weights I had planned, but I have the impression form is improving a bit. Mixed feelings, then. I don't think I had ever done this volume of DLs in one workout (so I think this is good), but it wrecked me for the remaining of the workout. Not sure if I underestimated the RPEs or is just lack of conditioning...

                  + Bench was no good, after this DL session. Didn't hit target weights also, and went really downhill in the last sets.

                  + Needless to say that these were torture. I am still gaining the control of the exercise speed to do a proper 303. Trying to look at the bright side, I think it counts as a PR. It is also helping me to pay more attention in squat technique.
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                    2018/05/21 - The Bridge W3D1

                    BW 90kg
                    Duration 1h40

                    Squat belt - 134*5@6, 142*[email protected], 144*5@8, 144*[email protected], 144*[email protected]
                    Close grip bench - 102*4@7, 106*4@8, 108*[email protected], 110*[email protected]
                    Rack pull - 116*[email protected], 124*[email protected], 130*[email protected], 136*7@9

                    + Good session today, despite the bad day 1 last week. Squat was a bit high, sometimes, I am working on the correct stance. The 3@fail last week became a 5@8, as it should have been. Also I think the issue I mentioned on the paused squats is slowly improving. So, not excellent, but good!

                    + Really strong day for the variations. 4 more kg than last week in the last set for the CGBP, and 0.5 RPE less (damn!, though).

                    + No straps today, really good session. Maybe last set was also below 9, but the 7s deceived me. Last week was 7@8, but 10kg less. E1RM is approaching DL.

                    - On a happy (but frustrating at the same time) sidenote, I found out today that competition plates have 45cm diameter. And then when I went to measure the plates I use, I discovered that I have been making 2'' deficit DLs for the past several years! The plates are 35cm diameter. There are, however, some 40cm plates that I will use from now on, with little mats below them, resulting in a deficit slightly less than 1''. It will also help people not to bother me because of noise. This explains partially why I struggle so much to reach form.
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                      2018/05/23 - The Bridge W3D2

                      Duration 1h35

                      Paused squat - 120*[email protected], 126*[email protected], 128*[email protected], 124*4@9
                      Press - 58*5@6, 60*[email protected], 64*[email protected], 66*[email protected], 64*[email protected], 64*5@9
                      Rows - 70*8@6, 78*8@7, 82*8@8, 82*8@8, 82*[email protected]

                      + Not great session, but OK. Legs a bit sore from squats monday. Still struggling a bit to pause 2 seconds. HOWEVER, revelation! I think I may have figured out what was causing the form deviation (bar goes a bit forward on the bottom): lack of tightness in back. Noticed this on the last worksets, and it seems to help. Let's watch the evolution.

                      + Odd session for the press. The first three reps of each set felt really good, but then the last two always were a bit harder than they should. I don't remember this being so pronounced previously. Got some wraps to help the wrists - bothered me a bit yday from the CGBP.

                      + Maybe my feet were too close in the rows again. Hams bothered me in the last sets.
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                        2018/05/24 - The Bridge W3GPP

                        7 min alternated pull-ups/chin-ups - 6+6+6+5+4+4+4+3+3+3+3 = 47 reps
                        7 min alternated tuck hold/planks - 5 of each
                        Zero min riding ma bahke

                        + This sets distribution for the pulls/chins was good. 2 more sets, 3 more reps.

                        + Unable to do the LISS today... Shitty day at work, head was really full. I will try to do it tomorrow after the WO or on the weekend.
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                          2018/05/25 - The Bridge W3D3

                          Duration 1h45 + 20min LISS

                          Deadlift - 144*5@6, 150*5@7, 154*5@8, 154*[email protected], 150*4@8 (beltless)
                          Bench - 100*5@6.5, 108*[email protected], 108*5@8, 108*5@9, 100*5@8, 100*[email protected] (beltless)
                          303 Squat - 70*8@7, 76*[email protected], 80*[email protected], 82*[email protected]
                          20 min at stationary bike

                          + The weight was moving well in the DL, but form was not that good. I used the 40cm plates, not the 35, and this helped. I feel like my upper back is causing the form deterioration, but not sure how to act with this. Got a bit dizzy in last set, something was wrong with breathing, and eventually skipped last rep.

                          + Bench was better than last week, but again fatigued from DLs. Worsened a lot throughout sets. Experimented a bit with hand separation using the wraps.

                          + I think this was the best form in any squat session I ever did. Ok, lightweight AF, but i felt a significant improvement from last week, validated by the video. Used feet pointed slightly further out and looked a bit further away. Will try this on comp squat Monday. Tempo awareness is improving, but it still varies from 302 to 503 sometimes. Got greedy and last set nearly killed me, haha.

                          + 20 min on the stationary bike to cover for yesterday, in order to allow good rest in the weekend. I feel that it will be necessary for next week...
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                            2018/05/21 - The Bridge W4D1

                            BW 90kg
                            Duration 1h45

                            Squat belt - 130*5@6, 135*[email protected], 138*[email protected], 138*[email protected], 138*5@9, 135*[email protected]
                            Close grip bench - 100*[email protected], 102.5*[email protected], 107.5*4@9, 105*[email protected], 105*4@9
                            Rack pull - 120*7@7, 130*7@8, 135*[email protected], 137.5*7@9

                            + Challenging workout. High stress at work, high stress at life, high stress training week and there is mayhem in Brazil, which made my gym not to open today - I had to find an alternate for the week. Despite having a better equipment (or so it seems... or even because of this) my squat was not good. Around 10kg less E1RM. However, volume PR, so it's not that bad. I really wanted to use a bar like the one I used today usually. Wrecked me, though.

                            + CGBP was not quite as good as last week (which was excellent). Given the existing squat fatigue, I think it's OK. Also volume PR.

                            + Block pull was almost an entirely different movement. I never did it so high (about 1/2 to 1 inch above mid-chin). I wish I were able to film it to check form, which I felt improving. Lower back already felt sore. Weight was good.

                            - Time was good. 5 min more from last week WO, with 2 sets more. I think I'm losing too much time with the filming.
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                              2018/05/30 - The Bridge W4D2

                              Duration 1h40

                              Paused squat - 113*4@7, 118*4@8, 125*[email protected], 120*4@9, 118*4@9
                              Press - 60*[email protected], 62.5*[email protected], 65*5@9, 65*4@9, 62.5*5@9, 60*[email protected]
                              Rows - 70*8@6, 75*[email protected], 80*[email protected], 82.5*8@8, 82.5*[email protected], 80*[email protected] (straps)

                              + Quads were really sore from monday. But in the end, numbers were a tad better than I had anticipated planning the session (but yet lower than last week). One more slight improve in technique, I think. Cued myself "between femurs, not behind". Just need to take these to Comp Squat.

                              + I was totally wrecked to this one. Low weights, messed completely the heavier worksets RPEs (overshot and did not have the balls to take enough weight) and forgot to take weight off for 4th set.

                              + Very surprising, actually. Back sore. Legs sore. Forearms as rocks. I was fighting with my stance and form to this one, felt better today. I think this was reflected on the weights, in the end. Half kilo PR!

                              - Duration was less than I expected. Good. Also very glad to survive today, haha.
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