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  • t_angeiras
    2018/05/17 - The Bridge W2GPP

    7 min alternated pull-ups/chin-ups - 8+6+6+6+4+4+4+4+2 = 44 reps
    7 min alternated tuck hold/planks - 4 of each
    25 min riding ma bahke

    + 1 more set led to 2 more pulls. Took a more reasonable approach this time. Thinking about trying sets of fahve next week.

    + I don't have a good idea to measure ads progress, so far.

    + Bike was ok again. I have realized today that I can log the ride in order to see any evolution. Should have thought this 1 week ago
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  • t_angeiras
    2018/05/16 - The Bridge W2D2

    Duration 1h35

    Paused squat - 120*[email protected], 124*[email protected], 126*[email protected], 122*[email protected]
    Press - 56*[email protected], 62*[email protected], 64*[email protected], 64*[email protected], 62*[email protected], 62*[email protected] (beltless)
    Rows - 70*[email protected], 74*[email protected], 80*[email protected], 82*[email protected], 80*[email protected]

    + I still miss my belt. I keep pausing too little, and the same form deviation is still here (bar creeping forward during pause). It's more pronunciated than in the comp squat.

    + Press was not that good, either. Not sure why. Maybe some slight errors in hand placement had their part.

    + Row was very good, on the other way. Improvements bigger than expected. I think I found the correct stance for me - feet are wider than I was doing.

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  • t_angeiras
    2018/05/14 - The Bridge W2D1

    BW 90kg
    Duration 1h40

    Squat belt - 134*[email protected], 140*[email protected], 144*[email protected]?, 140*[email protected], 140*[email protected]
    Close grip bench - 100*[email protected], 104*[email protected], 106*[email protected], 104*[email protected]
    Rack pull - 110*[email protected], 120*[email protected], 124*[email protected], 126*[email protected] (straps)

    + Very messy session for the squat today... First two sets felt good, but then on the third I think I lost focus and missed after the third. Then the two last were bad and I was fighting to reach depth. No idea what happened. And this elongated the whole session. Next week has to be good.

    + ​​​​Variations felt good, on the other way. Used straps for the pull, grip harmed form on last reps.

    - I finally have proper shoes, at last. They seemed to help form on the first sets, but it might have been placebo. And then everything went downhill, but I don't think they had a part.on this.

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  • t_angeiras
    2018/05/11 - The Bridge W1D3

    Duration 1h15 - all 3 workouts this week. Improvement (in efficiency) from last program.

    Deadlift - 140*[email protected], 146*[email protected], 150*[email protected] (beltless, straps for last)
    Bench - 100*[email protected], 106*[email protected], 110*[email protected] (beltless)
    303 Squat - 60*[email protected]?, 70*[email protected]?, 70*[email protected]?

    + Sore from GPP, ha! Made some harm, but not much, reasonable workout for a friday. I do DLs beltless, since my belt is 4'' and it always destroyed my form. Since form is becoming more solid, will try again with it in a few weeks.

    + BP was good. Nailed RPE for the first time, I think. Also beltless, same as Press.

    + These squats are the DEMON! No idea of the RPE, I'm just proud that I got to the end of them, even if with 2% of the expected weight. I even needed a spotter to count the reps for me, haha. I hope it will improve greatly next week.

    - Good week, I think. Not that much in terms of training, but in terms of learning.

    - I already fear fo the High Stress weeks. But one step at a time.
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  • t_angeiras
    2018/05/10 - The Bridge W1GPP

    7 min alternated pull-ups/chin-ups - 12+7+4+5+4+3+3+4 = 42 reps
    7 min alternated tuck hold/planks - 4 of each
    25 min riding ma bahke

    + MAN, I did not see this coming. After the first set I was "cool, this will be like RPE 5". But then my arms suddenly died and it looked like I had never done pull or chins. Maybe it was too much for the first set, maybe too little rest. Also, long time I didn't try them.

    + I tried at first use isometric leg raises, instead of tuck holds, but it would be too much for 7 mins. By the 4th set I was tired again.

    + Bike was ok. Tried to keep it cool, also been a long time. It was good at least to take the dust off her.

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  • t_angeiras
    2018/05/09 - The Bridge W1D2

    Duration 1h15

    Paused squat - 120*[email protected], 124*[email protected], 128*[email protected]
    Press - 60*[email protected], 62*[email protected], 64*[email protected] (beltless)
    Rows - 64*[email protected], 66*[email protected], 70*[email protected], 74*[email protected]

    + I miss my belt a lot. Also, I often pause too little and need to fix a form deviation that affects comp squats too, the bar sometimes goes one inch forward when leaving the bottom.

    + Belt never helped in press, will try again later. I think session was ok.

    + Never did this row, and I had a hard time leaving the back parallel to ground. Still working on this. Next week might see a big improvement. Hard to use RPE with 8s.

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  • t_angeiras
    2018/05/07 - The Bridge W1D1

    BW 89kg
    Duration 1h15

    Squat belt - 130*[email protected], 138*[email protected], 140*[email protected]
    Close grip bench - 94*[email protected], 98*[email protected], 104*[email protected]
    Rack pull - 110*[email protected], 114*[email protected], 118*[email protected] (straps for last)

    Starting the program, starting with RPE for real, starting some variations, starting with full body workouts...

    + Squat felt OK, last set felt a solid 8 (if I'm already entitled to say that). I tried to be conservative with the RPEs, but I think that made me overshoot a bit (0.5) some sets (same for the pull). I think it's OK though.

    + Bench went better than expected, never having done close grip. I think I was learning the movement throughout the sets. E1RM 13kg below my bench 1RM, seems OK.

    + Rack pull was the opposite, I went lighter than expected. Maybe lack of conditioning, or fatigue from the other 2 exercises. Never had done it also. It was a looong time since I did work sets with 7s.

    - I think my conditioning will need to improve with this program. Good thing it is expected.

    - Had to overshoot 1 or 2 minutes the rest time for some sets (mainly squat). I don't think it's a big deal.

    - Funny how I felt a greater volume than I was used to, but at the same time it felt low stress as the program prescripts. Good thing, I guess.

    - I have the impression that RPE will work good for me. Prejudgements are looking like they will be confirmed. Weights were not fantastic, but it felt like a good workout. High hopes!​

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  • t_angeiras
    started a topic Good Lifts, Bad Lifts

    Good Lifts, Bad Lifts

    Hey guys.

    Decided to start the log since I guess the programming is gonna be increasingly complex and harder. Making it public may be a good thing to improve discipline.

    Age 27, 179cm (5'10''), 88kg (194lb), waist 35''. Training for some years semi-randomly, but I focused on strength and PL lifts about 1.5 to 2 years ago. I don't even have a pair of shoes, yet, but it's on its way from the US to Brazil. This year I have decided taking things seriously and to be more academic about it. I had my first meet today, but it was a Bench only meet, with one week notice...

    First step: The Bridge.

    - Improve understanding and practice of RPE.
    - Learn new variations.
    - Fix form deviations (there must be many, since I never had a coach).
    - Gainzzz.

    Current status (May 2018):
    - Squat: 180kg (400lb) e1RM (based on a good lifting day)
    - Bench: 134kg (295 lb) 1RM (failed to improve on the meet...)
    - DL: 210kg (465lb) 1RM (no video, form was probably bad)
    - Press: 74kg (165lb) e1RM (based on a good lifting day)

    One step at a time. Let's see where this bridge goes, and given the goals of this run, it might be worth it to do a second run of it to take full advantage.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Updated status (Sep 2019):

    Age 29, same height, 92kg

    - Squat: 184kg PR (from 2018/08)
    - Bench: 136kg PR (from 2018/06)
    - DL: 212.5kg PR (from 2019/09)
    - Press: 84kg PR (from 2018/06)
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